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Water Purifier

Modular water purifier plant

This water treatment plant is designed to produce drinking water with sanitary guarantee in areas with problems of supply, emergency situations or natural catastrophes, refugee camps, war conflicts, etc, as a single or complementary source of drinking water.

Its design allows you to transport it in a truck or boat as a container to destination and start operating immediately. Its modular design makes it possible to scale the installation according to present needs, adding or removing modules at convenience.

The standard measures are 3,000 x 2,200 mm, 4,000 x 2,200 mm. and 6,000 x 2,200 mm. with the possibility of manufacturing in other measures on demand.

Variety of treatments
This module has multiple water treatment options.
Prefiltration for better equipment protection (up to 125 microns)
Filtration: with open or pressurized filters, with silica, anthracite, zeolite or combination of several systems.
Decalcification: by means of ion exchange
Demineralization: through ion exchange
Microfiltration, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration
Inverse osmosis
Disinfection system: chlorination, fluorination, radiation

Starting from 1,200 liters per day, depending on the combination.

Water sources
Rivers, streams, lakes, fountains, ponds, wells or with rainwater

From 800 liters

With alternate electricity from mains
Through a power generator
Solar panels

External structure of the module
Container Type
Galvanized steel cover
Polyurethane sandwich panel enclosure with lacquered galvanized steel
Lacquered aluminum windows with protection bars
Metal lacquered door in white
One-piece steel floor with non-slippery paint
Sandwich panel ceiling
Sanitary installation with ceramic toilet, shower and washbasin
Modular and stackable
Electrical installation
PVC protection option for floor, door and windows

You can download our Water Purifier Catalogue


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